Best Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Top 4 Proven Best Ways to Improve Search Engine Rankings

A great looking website alone is not enough amidst an ocean of websites out there. One has to follow the best ways to improve search engine rankings with a solid SEO strategy to keep your site floating on the top in this digital age where new trends surface and new Google algorithms are updated frequently.

How to Improve Google Search Ranking

When it comes to top ranking on Google, there are many factors that the search engine determines to put your business in the top position. The search engine looks at how appropriate the page is with regard to search query. A great SEO strategy is of utmost importance to climb up on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Staying up to Date with Google Algorithms

Google uses algorithms and ranking factors that help in ranking websites. The purpose of algorithms is to improve user experience and provide users with right information quickly. However, these algorithms keep changing. Experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm 500 – 600 times a year. While most of them do not impact SEO, some of them may seem significant and might affect search ranking and visibility. And that is when Digital marketing professionals research and adapt to the changes.

Let us Look at Some of the Important Factors on How to Improve Google Search Ranking:

Improving On-Site SEO

On-page SEO or On-site SEO involves optimising web pages to improve search engine rankings and get organic traffic. It covers various aspects like including headings, HTML tags and images that improve website’s visibility on search engines. An optimised site will have meta data, meta title, meta description and H1 and H2 tags on each page. On-site SEO is just half job done. The other half lies in ensuring the bounce rate is low. Bounce rate reflects the number of visitors to a website who come and leave without browsing other pages. High bounce rate can affect SEO results. Many factors such as page speed, engaging content, neat formatting, simple navigation must be considered to reduce bounce rate.

LSI Keywords

LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing which help search engines understand words or phrases with multiple meanings. Google understands the topic on the page by relying on LSI keywords used throughout the content. Considered one of the best ways to improve search engine ranking, LSI supports the content and makes it easier for users and search engines to understand about the content. However, one must not overuse it as it might ruin the readers’ experience. Also, one gets penalised if LSI is overused. Google is interested in keyword focussed, relevant and genuine content which is simple and easy to understand.

Monitor Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimisation goes beyond a proper keyword strategy, backlink profile and marketing. If technical SEO problems are not addressed, your ranking might take a dip. Technical SEO looks into the technical implementation of the website. It includes factors such as page speed, security, optimisation of URL and internal linking. Monitoring technical SEO and using right tools can maximise the ranking potential and draw high quality traffic to your website.

Publish High Quality content

Good quality content is one of the best ways to improve search engine rankings. With Google frequently refining its search algorithms, it prioritises quality content over bulky content with too many unnecessary keywords. Content can come in many formats such as blogs, social media posts, campaigns, landing pages and website. Content should be relevant, engaging with valuable information, unique perspective and right keywords. Content that is irrelevant or contains spelling, grammatical or factual errors and lacks originality is considered poor quality content. Low quality content will not improve rankings on Google.

Hiring the services of a right digital company specialising in SEO and additional digital marketing activities will help improve search rankings of your website. With more than 15 years of experience and industry recognition, Digital Eyecon can help grow your business’ traffic and generate profitable leads. Our SEO services are backed by best digital marketing practices and organic strategies on how to improve your search engine ranking and help you succeed ahead in the digitally driven competitive world.

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