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About the Agency

Our passion for digital technology, refreshing ideas, commitment to excellence and fast turnaround time, have earned us the reputation among the best digital service providers in Hyderabad. What sets us apart is our ability to integrate creativity, technology and strategy to help you reach your target audience effectively. Digital Eyecon is powered by Scintilla Kreations Pvt Ltd, a fully integrated film production house empanelled with DAVP, NFDC, Digital India, AP Fibernet and various State Governments. Scintilla is equipped with in-house facilities that cater to multiple visual communication services from concept to execution. Our digital expertise coupled with Scintilla’s creative strength ensure an unparallel experience that delights and engages today’s tech-savvy audience.


Adopt different digital technologies to provide customised and cost-effective solutions that elevate and enrich user experience.


We envision to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that captivate audience, elevate businesses, while setting standards for digital excellence in transforming experiences that leave a lasting impact.


We believe in transparency and open communication as the heart of our values, while prioritising out-of-the-box thinking and quality in every aspect of work. Our team adheres to highest standards of professionalism and is deeply committed to successful completion of every project.

Tech-powered excellence

Crafting digital experiences since 2012 .

Since our inception, we have believed that it is the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that drives BUSINESS GROWTH. Integration of digital services has become a key factor in delivering an unparallel user experience. We are proactive in adapting the latest technologies and insights necessary to create an engaging and memorable experience for your users. In every service we offer, be it web development, AR, VR, Interactive app development or advanced lighting solutions, our primary goal is to provide unique experience that captures the attention of audience and further achieve positive outcomes, ensuring our clients and end-users benefit from it.

Why Digital Eyecon?

Our AIM approach combined with creative strategy guides us through every challenge and empowers us to think beyond boundaries as we turn ideas into experiences.



Project after project, we have earned industry recognition and appreciation.



Every project is executed with professionalism and a deep sense of responsibility.



Skilled professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch results, on time, every time.

ARtistic narratives

Developed for the Archaeology Dept, Govt. of AP, the Kondapalli Fort AR App takes visitors on an enthralling journey where portraits turn into lively storytellers, unfolding the tales of the past.

Info at fingertips

The first museum in India to have adopted AR/VR applications developed by Digital Eyecon Pvt. Ltd. Developed interactive panels and Digital wall with a magnificent display providing information related to artifacts, with just a simple touch.

Every page, an adventure

Eluru Museum enthralls its visitors with digital book, where every page opens to thrilling visuals and graphics combining information and inspiration.

Explore mythology with AR

Sacred stories come to life at Surendrapuri, with AR powered app that engages visitors with audio video features on the rich mythological history of the region.

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