Augmented / Virtual Reality

Innovative and immersive technologies to engage, inform and captivate your audience.

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Engage your audience on a whole new level with immersive technologies.



Create experiences that stand out in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.



Reality blends with the digital, captivating users like never before.



Crafted to provide relevant and valuable information in an engaging way.

augmented reality app development company in india

Augmented Reality

Crafting technological marvels

Digital Eyecon takes pride in being recognised as the most admired Augmented Reality app development company in India, with benchmark projects at prominent museums, offering truly enriching experience to visitors. We specialise in delivering the best Augmented Reality app development services in India, across various domains.

  • Tourism destinations
  • Architectural visualisation
  • Classroom learning
  • Product visualisation
  • Virtual shopping experience

Virtual Reality

Engage with Virtual Reality excellence

Digital Eyecon’s extensive expertise as the professional Virtual Reality app development company in India, has set benchmarks of excellence in the dynamic realm of Virtual Reality, that transforms the way visitor engages with cultural and historical artifacts. Whether it is a virtual tour or a unique brand experience, our Virtual Reality app development services in India, have provided impactful experience across various industries.

  • Museum exhibits
  • Real estate tours
  • Education & training
  • Product visualisation
  • Travel & Tourism
virtual reality app development company in india

Industries we work for .



Offer customers an interactive shopping experience by integrating digital technology.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Immersive virtual tours, floor plans that redefine property viewing experience.



Innovative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps that enliven museum experience.



Enhance understanding of a subject in an engaging and exciting way.



Cutting-edge immersive app solutions that captivate and mesmerise audience.



Explore and understand features just at a single touch.



Reliable interactive tools to visualise design and communicate a vision.



Interactive information on historical insights for an enriched tourist experience.

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Skilled developers proficient in digital technologies, ensure the best possible experience.

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Successful implementation of prestigious projects demonstrates our capability and reliability.

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The process from ideation to execution is deftly managed by our in-house professionals.
virtual reality app development services in india

Our valued clientele .

We’re honoured to serve diverse clients whose trust empowers us to continually deliver the best in every project.


Our client experiences: In their own words .

  • Mrs. Prathibha Kunda,
    “The team’s professional expertise played a key role in developing Surendrapuri AR app which enhances visitors’ experience. Satisfied with the service. ”
    Mrs. Prathibha Kunda, Managing Director - Surendrapuri
  • Mr. Vasu Raju,
    “It was wonderful working with Digital Eyecon, the most experienced web development company in Hyerabad. They are dedicated professionals who understand the requirement well and deliver best results on time.”
    Mr. Vasu Raju, Managing Director - SRI VEDATRAYE
  • Mr. Arun Pamulapati,
    “We are happy to have had a long and fruitful association with this best web development company in Hyderabad. Their team is always focussed and delivers on time. Also consistently good at SEO services.”
    Mr. Arun Pamulapati, Director at PVS GROUP of Companies
  • Mr. Srinivasa Reddy,
    “The best web development company in Hyderabad, that we came across. Thanks to their efficient SEO, our web traffic increased significantly. We are proud to take this fruitful association forward for our future projects.”
    Mr. Srinivasa Reddy, Founder & Managing Director - Shathabdhi Townships
  • Mr. Shashi kollu,
    “We are happy to work with Digital Eyecon, a professional and reliable web designing company in Hyderabad. They helped us with the right web design ensuring good visibility. Keep up the good work!”
    Mr. Shashi kollu, Senior Manager IT - Divis Laboratories
  • Mr. Y. Ravi Shankar,
    “Digital Eyecon has been an immensely professional and efficient source for our media requirements. The team of Digital Eyecon has been able to deliver website design in a timely manner.”
    Mr. Y. Ravi Shankar, Managing Director - Mahathi Infra
  • Mr. Pranay,
    “It is nice to know a web designing company in Hyderabad, offering a multitude of services under one roof. Thank you Digital Eyecon for helping us with a dynamic website that aligned to our requirements.”
    Mr. Pranay, MTAR Technologies Pvt Ltd


Augmented Reality technology deploys virtual image over real-world objects using camera and glasses. This superimposition creates an engaging, interactive and immersive experience for the user.

The AR application benefits various industries like retail, tourism, healthcare, education and real estate. The worldwide market for Augmented Reality application development is set to rise in the coming years. The visual presentation of a certain place offers a realistic, engaging and interactive experience for the user. It not only enables best customer experience but also strengthens brand presence and reach, which in turn brings in more customers and generates desirable results.

With AR technology having huge potential to bring success to business, several AR application development companies are on the rise. However, one must choose an experienced company that has successfully implemented AR application development. Digital Eyecon Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premier Augmented Reality application development companies in India, with a success record of implementing innovative and inspiring AR applications at prominent places of interest. The company’s industry relevant insights further allow them to create best work to precisely meet client needs.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative and interactive technology that uses VR headsets and glasses focussing on audio, visuals and touch to give the audience a realistic experience. It blends real world with the simulated one to give the user an interesting and memorable experience.

VR technology is used in entertainment, retail, tourism, healthcare, real estate, education and marketing. With Virtual Reality, the user can tour around a place, check products before buying, get insights on history of a place. It is the best marketing strategy that lets customers strongly connect with the brand.

The 360-degree videos viewed on VR headsets helps in getting insights on history, monuments, landscapes and cultural settings. It can delight a tourist with engaging and interactive experience.

There are several VR app development companies but explore their strengths and their past work before working with them. Digital Eyecon is one of the leading VR app development companies with over 2 decades of experience in various projects. The company received positive feedback for its successful AR/VR solutions at prominent places including India’s famous forts and museums.


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