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Transform the traditional look of museums with advanced technologies that turn every visit into a mesmerising experience.

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Transform passive observers into active participants with cutting-edge technologies from museum transformation service providers in India.



Identify display technologies compatible with museum exhibits and having potential to engage visitors.



Categorise artifacts based on themes and match suitable technologies ensuring relevant presentation.



Implement the chosen technologies into the museum environment, maximising visitor experience.

Museum Transformation Service Providers in India

Museum Technology

Contribution to Museum Transformation

Digital Eyecon has pioneered innovative AR powered projects at prominent museums, delivering an engaging experience that captivated visitors and earned enthusiastic reviews. As a professional museum technology development company in India, we specialise in providing enriching experience with immersive apps. Collaborating with our team of archaeology experts and our parent company Scintilla Kreations, we meticulously categorise, label and plan aesthetic display of artifacts before thoughtfully applying cutting-edge technology. From content development to lighting, every detail is taken care to maximise educational value of each artifact and also provide an exciting experience for the visitor. This integrated approach enhances the overall museum experience.

  • Innovative storytelling
  • Modern audio-visual technology
  • Interactive showcases
  • Increase visitor footfall

Museum Technology

Awe-Inspiring Technologies

Digital Eyecon’s track record of successfully implementing immersive technology applications enables its team to explore new technologies that contribute to museum transformation. As a museum transformation service providing company in India, we have refined cultural spaces through exciting technologies, creating engaging exhibits and enhancing visitor experiences for a more captivating journey through history and art.

  • Rich concepts
  • Informative & interactive
  • Artistic installations
  • Cultural enrichment
Museum Technology Development Company in India

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Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can create immersive experience that go far beyond traditional static displays. Introducing these technologies not only helps preserve cultural heritage but also allow visitors to explore and appreciate cultural heritage in an innovative and engaging way.

Most immersive apps are designed to be accessible on visitors’ smartphones. All one needs to do is download the app and enjoy the experience on the move. QR codes are strategically placed near the exhibits. By scanning these QR codes using smartphones, visitors can unlock a wealth of interesting information through fascinating audio-visual narratives and interactive features related to specific exhibits. These apps also come in multiple languages catering to audiences from different parts of the country/world.

Look for the agency’s experience and check their previous work in creating interactive exhibits, interactive displays. Ensure that the agency is well versed with Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Client reviews will provide insights on the agency’s credibility. Scintilla Kreations has pioneered AR/VR projects at historic forts and museums, delivering an engaging experience to visitors. From larger-than-life digital walls to interactive books, interactive displays, the immersive apps have enhanced the museum atmosphere while providing an enriching experience to visitors.


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