Link building is the key factor of success in Search Engine Optimisation. It is important to understand and employ link building strategies in marketing campaigns to help your business thrive. More the number of links mean a higher ranking on search engines.

Link building is an important aspect of SEO marketing, which involves building hyperlinks also known as backlinks with an aim to improve search engine visibility.

A link can be words or image that connects to a new web page. Hyperlinks are used by search engines to find new pages or rank websites. There are many link building strategies such as creating compelling content, Press release of your product, placing the product where it is most likely to be seen,

A link tag consists of four parts namely

Anchor tag

Opens the link and indicates Google that the link leads to something following it.

Link referral location

Begins with href meaning hyperlink referral, refers location where the URL points.

Anchor text

Small portion of the text indicting a clickable link.

The number of links determine your website’s credibility and site rankings on search engines. In addition, it can also increase your organic traffic, resulting in a greater number of clicks. When the external sources link back to your site, the search volume on your brand eventually increases.

Link building has many advantages such as :

  • More visibility
  • Higher credibility
  • Boost traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Higher rankings on search engines
  • Better metrics and SEO results
  • More potential customers
  • Connect and collaborate within your industry
  • Low bounce rates (refers to number of people who visit one page of your site and leave without seeing other pages)
  • Brand building

It is not enough if you have plenty of links, what really matters is link building must be done in the right manner by getting qualitative links from relevant sites. There are some effective link building techniques such as:

  • Including the right keywords
  • Creating infographics
  • Commenting on relevant blogs
  • Sharing informative blogs
  • Posting ads on social media channels
  • Sharing videos of your work

The structure of link building is organic (unpaid search results) and is prone to changes. However, if you have qualitative content relevant to specific audience, it works well in the long run as search engines depend on links to rank expertise and credibility. SEO is constantly evolving and if you want to maintain a successful SEO strategy, Link building or backlinks cannot be ignored. It will continue to be an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm.