Interactive experiences to engage visitors

Museums are the repositories of the rich heritage that connect the past with the present. If museums can lend their narratives by integrating with technology, it becomes more exciting for viewers and also lead to increase in visitor footfall.

Immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be intertwined smartly with the artifacts to communicate stories, engage, entertain and educate visitors. Let’s look at how these technologies can contribute to increasing visitor engagement.

Enriching museum visit experience with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps

AR apps enhance the visitor experience through immersive experience that provides deeper insights. AR apps can turn static exhibits into interactive experience. The apps can provide information such as historical facts and tales, when visitors point their smartphones at the exhibits. Audio guides further deepen the understanding of the artifacts on display. 360-degree Virtual Reality experiences can increase visitor engagement. VR glasses also known as VR headsets or goggles provide immersive and interactive 3d experiences. The advanced technology creates a simulated environment, providing a realistic experience to viewers.

The impressive impact of Digital walls

Digital walls can significantly boost tourism at places of historic importance. They display the information pertaining to the entire collection at museums. Visitors can interact by zooming in on the specific artifacts to access information related to them. Apart from providing a dynamic and engaging experience, digital walls enhance visitors’ understanding on the subject matter.

Easy navigation with Interactive kiosks

Interactive Kiosk offers virtual tours and make it easier for tourists/visitors to navigate or learn interesting facts about places. They occupy very little space and allow multilanguage content experience.

Transforming visitor experience with Touchscreens & interactive displays

Gone are the days of static displays. Interactive panels are technological marvels that not only improve the aesthetic appeal of museums but also deliver information innovatively. The high-resolution screens have user friendly interfaces and touchscreen capabilities enhance visitor experience, making it appealing to every age group. The interactive panels can offer virtual tour of museum to visitors. It allows people to explore all the displays from a single location. Touchscreen feature enables the user to zoom in on artifacts and get more information.

Immersive technology apps can create lasting memories in museum visits

The advanced immersive technological wonders have helped museums and exhibition spaces transform passive visitors into active participants, taking them on a remarkable journey into the past of the historic, art and culture world with the magic of interactive technologies. All one needs to do is download the Augmented reality app on the smartphone to experience the unique audio-visual experience. By using mobiles to scan the image at portraits, sculptors or any exhibits, visitors can listen to interesting narration. On pointing the mobile at display boards with QR codes, the exhibits narrate their story, leaving the visitors mesmerised. The advanced technological marvels have opened up a world of possibilities to make museum visit a memorable one.

Trailblazers in the field of Augmented Reality application development

Digital Eyecon has over a decade of experience in crafting immersive experiences at prominent museums in Andhra Pradesh. One of the leading names among Augmented reality application development companies in India, Digital Eyecon has delivered several innovative AR app development services through visually rich and interactive content which not only engaged visitors but also helped boost brand image. Their notable AR projects include first-of-its-kind AR powered app at Tiruchanur Padmavati temple in Tirupati, a virtual tour of Kondapalli fort near Vijayawada, immersive digital experience at Bapu Museum (the first museum in India to have adopted AR/VR technology) and a virtual pilgrimage tour at the temple of Rameswaram.

Whether it is a museum, a gallery, an exhibition centre, Digital Eyecon’s smart interactive app development brings exhibits to life, giving visitors a memorable experience.

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