Web site colour schemes can bond with visitors. Choosing the best background colours for web sites is crucial in professional web design and development. one of the most important aspects of web designing. Studies have indicated that the best colour combinations for a website helps in boosting conversions. In addition to content and images, a good selection of colour palette determines the impact on how the visitor interprets what they see.

A thoughtful planning is required to choose right website colour schemes that draw attention, create excitement, build brand recognition and earn customer loyalty. Research indicates that the best colour combinations for a website can increase brand recognition by 80%. The colour patterns have succeeded in making people instantly recognise brands in various sectors, just by looking at their brand colour.

Let us first understand the fundamental colour theory.

Primary colours – Red, Yellow, Blue

Secondary colours – Red+Yellow = Orange, Red + Blue = Violet, Blue +Yellow = Green

Tertiary colours – Yellow orange, Yellow green, Red orange, Red violet, Blue green, Blue violet

How to select the right colour

Colours trigger certain feelings. The selected colour scheme should reflect the product or service that your web site highlights upon. Let’s take a quick look at what each colour represents.

Red is attractive and creates an emotion. It works well for web sites on energy products and buttons that call attention like “Click here”, “Order now”.

Orange works well for food products. It also works well for products targeting younger generation as it reflects vibrancy and refreshment.

Yellow reflects happiness and creativity. The bright tinge of yellow immediately draws the attention.

Green signifies health and prosperity. It also indicates elements like trust and positivity. The usage of green works well for food products and eco-friendly ventures.

Black is more subtle and goes well for sites focussing on art. It creates an impact if one wants to design a contrast look.

Blue represents calmness and reliability. It creates a balanced effect for users as they browse for a long time.

White evokes purity, innocence and hope and is the best background colour for a website.

Pink reflects joy, excitement and generally signifies the feminine side such as women’s products, girl’s outfits.

Factors to consider while choosing the best colour combinations for a web site

There are specialised tools to help you select the right website colour schemes. Make use of the available resources before you settle on the final colour.

Choose a primary colour that compliments your brand and additional colours that enhance the look of primary colour.

Make sure the best background colour for a web site is not as bright as the primary colour.

While choosing the best colour combinations for a web site, it is important that the blend of colours should create harmony between them and appear pleasing and memorable. For example, Mickey Mouse is a classic character with the right combination of black, red and yellow.

The best colour combinations for a website are crucial for a high-quality professional website. No matter how engaging the content is, if the website colour schemes are poor, the visitor might instantly leave the site without even glancing at the content. And choosing colours does not depend on ones likes and dislikes. It should be evaluated well to ensure that it strengthens the brand.

The best colour combinations for a web site can get your brand recognised and connect positively with customers.

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