A corporate website promotes the company as a whole including its other divisions rather than promote only one product or brand. It is the most credible source of information related to your company, its entities, products, services, mission and contact information.

Why should a business have a corporate site?

A corporate website is the first place your investors, partners, potential employees, media and other stakeholders will visit to check about your company. Apart from communicating quality information to customers, it also helps in increasing your credibility. There are many professional performance- oriented web development companies out there to help you create the user- friendly corporate website designs which will give you a significant online presence.

Corporate website helps build goodwill

Building trust is of utmost importance to any business. A corporate business website can register your presence and help clients find a unique source of information about your products and services. Investors also can benefit as they will find the necessary information to verify if it is worth investing.

It will also provide insights to media for news coverage on valuable and interesting news about the company. Before you decide on the corporate website design that works for you, let us take a quick look at some of the key elements crucial for a successful corporate website.

Visual design: First impression matters

Design is the first glance a visitor will get on visiting the corporate site. All the visual aspects of a corporate website including theme, logo, fonts, spacing, colours and layout should be well laid out. It must be relevant to the company. A balanced and right mix of graphics and images must be placed in such a manner that the visitor is interested to stay on and browse the site further than the home page.

Qualitative content that attracts and retains visitors

Though visuals are the first thing that attract the attention of the visitor, content still remains the king. However, today’s user prefers crisp yet relevant content that provides the gist of everything. The length needs to be minimum but memorable and informative. It must be audience-centric. And how it is said matters most in sustaining the interest of those who visit your corporate website.

Responsive web design is a necessity

With the growing number of smartphone users, maximum number of people prefer browsing on the phone. And so, it is always better if a corporate business website is mobile friendly. Responsive web designing ensures it fits into any device perfectly. If the website is compatible, it makes viewing easy and can reach to a larger number of customers. Visitors are more likely to return to such websites.

User friendly navigation for better user experience

The navigation bar on the top of the page of the corporate site should be uncluttered and simple to use. Visitors should be easily able to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. That will bring them back to your site more often. Grouping similar pages under one topic helps in efficiently streamlining navigation. Too many clicks in a corporate web design might be confusing and visitors tend to leave such websites without checking more required information.

SEO friendly website brings high quality traffic?

A well-designed website with impressive content might not serve its purpose in the absence of Search Engine Optimisation, which is the driving factor of the success of a corporate website.

The best way to scale up your SEO is to make sure all the content and images are aligned with the metadata, keywords and tags on your site. It is important to have the right keywords inserted strategically in the content on each page of the corporate website.

Remember your corporate business website competes with billion other websites every day, so a good SEO strategy is a must to stay ahead and be identified.

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